A Rainy Day in Singapore

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You better don´t visit Singapore during November and December when it is the most rainy time of the year – the monsoon season! But I did! And will never ever do so again!

I wanted to go to Little India. If you expect to be beamed into a real kind of Indian flair and atmosphere, you better forget it. Little India in Singapore is just as sterile and clean and orderly like all of Singapore.

When I left the MRT-station the clouds were hanging low but it was still dry. I made my way along the Serangoon Road leading me to the Kuil Gaya Buddha Sakya Muni temple. This Buddhist temple was founded by a Thai monk in 1927 and it is housing a Buddha statue weighing 300 tonnes and it measures 15 meters surrounded by hundreds of lights why this temple is also called “The Temple of 1000 Lights”.



Just next door there is another Chinese Temple, the Tokong Buddha Leong San. Nice to see but nothing special.



I was then moving on to the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. This is a really interesting Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu and definitely worth a visit. It is a national monument and one of the oldest Hindu shrines in Singapore.

Its so called Gopuram, the tower, shows the various incarnations of Vishnu and there are wonderful colorful small statues, sculptures and figures attached to it. Similarly you find lots of interesting pieces of religious art inside.







I had just been around for two hours when I left the temple and it started to rain heavily. I could rescue myself into a little Chinese restaurant where I was trapped for the next hour watching the rainfall. When it finally seemed to stop I walked on as I still wanted to see the Abdul Ghafoor Mosque.



I had no luck! After ten minutes or so it started to rain again. So I had to find the next safe haven which was an Indian restaurant where I had the most disgusting Hamburger of my life. And I had to sit there for one more hour. Finally I had enough and decided to behave like a Marine and made my way to the nearby mosque.

It is an interesting place but not as spectecular as the Hindu temple before. It was founded in 1907 serving the religious needs of the South Indian Muslim merchants in Little India.






When I left the mosque it kept on raining. My initial plan for the day was to visit China town afterwards. But as it continued to rain and as I had lost so much time watching the rain drops I gave up and went back to my hotel.

Individuals have differing perceptions just as likes and dislikes. But to me Little India really is not an interesting place. You have a few roads and side streets with the typical Indian shops selling carpets, electronics and other stuff. But there is definitely no Indian feeling comming up strolling around the area.

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