Asia No. 5 – Where to go this Time

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On 10th December I will take off to Asia once again. This time I will head towards the following destinations over a period of roughly eight weeks.


At first I travel to my favourite island Phuket, where I will hang out a lot on the beach and tour around the island to take lots of photos.

On Christmas Day I will fly on to Singapore and then take a ferry to Batam, an island belonging to Indonesia. There I will spend four days taking the ferry again to get back to Singapore every day. The simple reason for staying on Batam is that the hotel prices here are much cheaper than in Singapore. Apart from that Batam and its neighbouring islands should be worth a visit on their own.

Afterwards I will make my way to Bangkok, where I will stay five days and spend New Year´s Eve. I have already taken a few thousand photos in Bangkok, but the city is full of nice and never ending motives.

Should the demonstrations not have ceased by then, I will probably mix with the demonstrators and offer myself as an uninvited peace mediator Zwinkerndes Smiley and log everything by camera.

From Bangkok I will take a bus touring along the East coast of the Gulf of Thailand for the next two weeks. I will make stops at Pattaya and the islands Ko Samet and Ko Chang.

Then I will fly to Manila via Bangkok and Hong Kong. During the four days of my stay there I plan photo reportages about the Tondo slum with the so called coal kids. In addition I will visit the very interesting largest cemetery of Manila.

The next destination will be the island Palawan, one of the poorest and most underdevelopped regions of the Philippines. I will stay here for five days before flying back to Manila, where I will rent a car and drive to Angeles City. In the past the Americans had a large marine base here. I have planned three days to visit mainly the Pinatubo volcano.

Thereafter I will go back to Manila for another four days. I want to make some daytrips to interesting places in the nearer region around the capital.

After leaving Manila I will spend four days in Hong Kong before flying back to Bangkok. From here I will either fly straight back home or, and this is more likely, I will stay for another few weeks somewhere near a beach, rent an apartment and process my images there.

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  1. Gaston
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    Excellent program! We shall, once more, follow you (from Vancouver) and wish you another successful trip. Christina and Gaston.

  2. Michael
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    “or, and this is more likely, I will stay for another few weeks somewhere near a beach, rent an apartment and process my images there.”

    Sounds promising! Have fun!

  3. katja
    | Reply

    I am certain the tattoo picture will be bought by many !

  4. Stefan Dahle
    | Reply

    Katja, whicj tattoo image?

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