The East Coast of Koh Chang – Rural Idyll (Part II)

I reached Salak Kokh after a few kilometres. As mentioned before I expected another tourist trap and lots of souvenir stalls. But to my surprise this was really a very traditional fishing village. The first thing I saw was a little shipyard, the only one on the whole island providing repair service to the local fishermen. There were two old vessels which looked like in urgent need of maintenance. I then came across an old boat wreck that … Read More

Arab Street and Chinatown in Singapore

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After I had been so disappointed by Little India yesterday and not to forget the rain, I asked myself, why not giving Singapore and its ethnic districts another chance?! So I went to the Arabian quarter around the Arab Street. On my way there I passed by the Parkview Square building on North Bridge Road. It is a really beautiful and very impressive skyscraper with great architectural details. It was designed in the classical Art Deco style of … Read More

Impressions of Patong Beach, Phuket

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Today once more I was on Patong Beach to shoot some photos using the warm light of the late afternoon sun. But today was also the day of the high season opening on Phuket when all hotel owners go to the street as part of a big parade alongside the beach road. A number of cars tuned with magnificent sound systems up to the roofs and playing deafening techno music are heading the parade and passing by the … Read More