Impressions of Patong Beach, Phuket

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Today once more I was on Patong Beach to shoot some photos using the warm light of the late afternoon sun.

But today was also the day of the high season opening on Phuket when all hotel owners go to the street as part of a big parade alongside the beach road. A number of cars tuned with magnificent sound systems up to the roofs and playing deafening techno music are heading the parade and passing by the spectators. The drivers are relatively young and they all look very serious obviously reflecting their pride based on the strong belief that all, really all spectators might think: “Wow! What a great car, what a great sound system and what cool drivers! That´s how I would like to be myself!”

The cars are followed by lots of costumed people and ladyboys and trucks carrying some funny bodies or stages. It is a bit like a carnival parade. Everything quite nice to watch but not a drama if you miss it.

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