Missing the Mount Pinatubo

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As I mentioned in my post yesterday the only real reason to come to Angeles City was to visit the volcano Mount Pinatubo.

The Pinatubo became infamous for its disastrous eruption on June 15, 1991 which coincided with the arrival of the typhoon Yunya causing a deadly mix of ashes, torrential rain and wind. Fortunately the eruption could be predicted relatively precisely leading to the evacuation of thousands of people in the area. Since then the volcano has been sleeping and has become a popular tourist destination.


To get there you must drive around 45 boring kilometres from Angeles City up to the village Santa Juliana (B) where the paved roads will end. Here you can book a tour going up the remaining roughly 25 kilometres to the crater lake on an altitude of 1486 meters. It is a mix of driving with a 4×4-vehicle and hiking. The tours all start early in the morning from 05:00 am. The cost is pretty high. You must calculate almost 4.000 Pesos (66 €) per Person if you book at the tourist registration office in the village.

I arrived there at around 1:30 pm, and I did not know all this. Bad planning! No planning at all! Consequently I was pretty disappointed. From the village I could not even see the Pinatubo itself. The only attraction during my one and a half hour drive through some small towns and villages was the lake at the foot of the volcano. This was a very beautiful scenery where the soil is very grey, the remains of the ashes.





And this was the only remote view of the volcano I had. Ironically the photo was taken from the roof terrace of my hotel in Angeles City.


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