Never mess with Thai beach boys

Never mess with Thai beach boys

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Although Patong is the main tourist hot spot on Phuket and consequently you encounter a few more people on the beach, a pretty peaceful and cheerful atmosphere prevails. Essentially contributing to this atmosphere are the Thai beach boys, who rent out Jet Skis, work as lifeguards or generally take care of the well being of the tourists. They collect the fee for the beach chairs, place your parasol just as you like it, serve you a coffee or a sandwch and move your parasol according to the course of the sun. And they always have a smile on their face and make a bit of fun.

The little bit more literate connoisseur of Thailand however knows very well, that this friendliness can easily turn into the opposite if you provoke those guys too much.

For a few days already a group of Arabian looking men in their twenties have come to the beach in the early afternoon and were lying next to me around ten meters away. They got on my nerves because of their macho behaviour, their rude way of dealing with the Thai people serving them and especially because of their small sound boxes playing strange music. They obviously did not waste a second on thinking about what happens if everybody on the beach would have such a blooody sound box. I cordially disliked them!

Today I just returned from a frefreshing bath in the ocean, when some of those guys came along the beach, talking to each other in a pretty aggressive manner. It was obvious that they were under the influence of a strong output of testosteron and adrenalin that seemed to have gone out of control.

I said to myself: “Oops, what´s the matter here? That might become interesting!

The guys went on and disappeared between the parasols. After two or three minutes they suddenly turned up again, but now they were armed with an iron bar, a so called rebar, which is usually used for fixing the sunshades in the sand. It measures around 50 cm, has two metal rings welded on and is rammed into the sand holding the sunshade rod.

The group consisted of maybe eight to ten people. Right next to me one of them pulled an umbrella out of the sand and armed himself with the heavy rebar just like his friends. They all walked towards the jet ski rental station about thirty meters away from me.

Now i thought: ” Ooooops! Now it is getting really interesting!”

The group continued its way in closed formation when the first few Thai guys approached them armed with exactly the same weapons, the rebars! The closer the Arabs got to the Thais the more of them came out of the sunshades.

For a short moment both groups stopped facing each other. The Thais had roughly twice as many warriors as the Arabs. And suddenly a small Thai started to shout frightening battlecrys while he was jumping from his left foot to the right one and back again. All of a sudden he fearlessly started the attack and was running towards the Arabs followed by his comrades all yelling terribly.

The Arabs reacted immediately! After a very, very, very short moment of surprise and shock they all dropped their rebar weapons, turned round and ran for their life. The Thais were merciless chasing them and threw their rebars after them but fortunately missing their targets. It seemed that the Arabs could escape.

One of the Thai warriors came to me and some other tourists watching the action as part of an interested public. He tried to explain to us what had happened before. His English was not too good. So, as far as I undrstood, the Arabs had rented some jet skis but were overrunning. This had lead to a verbal dispute between the Arabs and the Thais during which the Arabas apparently repeatedly said: “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” to the Thais. How and why the situtaion got out of control I don´t know.

But what I know is: Never mess with Thai beach boys!

Some portraits if the Thai warriors:




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  1. millana
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    Nice blog Stephen ! I must admit I am a touch jealous. After having lived in China for 5 years and then having to return to sterile Canada…I must admit, boredom overcomes me. Asia gets in your blood and doesn’t like go, it’s like nowhere else. I hope you have a wonderful tour and will be looking forward to your blogging and great photos. Have a wonderful New Year and don’t forget to buy the undies with zippers so you don’t get robbed to often. They are also great to hold passports in, that is if you leave them on! Just joking, have a ball :)

  2. Stefan Dahle
    | Reply

    Thanks Milana, Hapy New Year to you too. Always glad to have a comment here, especially if it is positive :-)

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