Sunny Trip along the Coast of Palawan

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Day three out of four full days. And the sun was finally shining. Perfect weather to drive up the coast.


My first destination was the Honda Bay around 30 kilometres north of Puerto Princesa. The bay is famous for some islands with beautiful white beaches which can be reached by chartered boat. A lot of tours are on offer, but it is all the usual same stuff. The prices range in between 600 and 1500 Pesos depending on the type of boat and the number of islands you want to see. You would sit together with some other tourists in a boat and would be taken to three or four islands. During the trip of maybe four to six hours you have the opportunity to snorkel or lie on a beach for the limited period of time the boat would make a stop there. Definitely not my cup of tea.



The next stop was at a Vietnamese village no far away. It was established by the Boat People, when the Vietnamese tried to escape from the Vietcong in 1976. The village consists of just four rows of houses on a length of maybe 500 meters. Many buildings look run down and no one seems to live there anymore.



I was driving on northbound through the mountainous beautiful landscapes. And again, the Philippines have some of the most wonderful sceneries I have ever seen in Southeast Asia.







And finally just a word on the tricycles. I think they all look like a sort of mutated insects. Most of them are very old and the cabins are rusty. The drivers work twelve hours a day. And they are extremely cheap, only 6 Pesos (0,10 €) per kilometre. I cannot imagine how they can make a living from such low rates.




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