Here you can find stories and reports about my trips leading me predominantly to Southeast Asia. And not to forget lots of photos.

There are two things fascinating me most about travelling. On the one hand there are the famous sightseeing places but much more the not so famous ones off the beaten tracks. Be it cities, landscapes, temples or the everyday life in the streets. It is the otherness that impresses me time and time again.

And on the other hand there are the mostly friendly people of foreign cultures (excluding taxi and Tuk-Tuk-drivers unfortunately) you get in touch with. But let´s not forget all those stranded indivuals, those droputs, hedonists and other interesting people you meet at the bar after a long day and get talking to. And as a rule of thumb: The longer the night and the beer consumption rises the more philosophical and mind-blowing those talks about everybody and his dog will be Smiley.


Stefan Dahle

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December 2013

Two years ago I have started as a professional travel photographer after having spent twenty years as a typical manager for various companies in Germany and abroad before. You can buy my photos from the following agencies:








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